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Day 64 - Starting Week 10 On Regimen



So the past few days were a bit rough. But it's Day 64 and for now, things are looking up.

I started my 10th week on this regimen today--which is a pretty big milestone. 3 more full weeks and I will have been on this regimen for 3 months (woah!) That's also the point when I've heard many people experience less purging, which I hope is the case for me!

To recap, over the past few days I had a few small pores that purged on my right cheek, and then 3 deeper pores that purged (2 on my right cheekbone and 1 on my right temple). I've continued using my regimen, but have applied extra moisturizer to these areas before applying the RetinA (tretinoin gel) at night.

Here's how things are looking:

  • Red Marks
    • 1 small pink mark on right temple from stubborn pore that purged
    • 2 small pink marks on right cheekbone from deep pores that purged
    • 1 small pink mark on left jawline from a stubborn pore that purged? I think?
    • couple of small light pink marks on left jawline from pores that purged last week
    • Actives
      • None right now (knock on wood pleaseeeee)

      [*]About to Purge?

      [*]1 small pore to the right of my lip that looks like it's pushing up

      [*]1 small pore on my right lower chin that looks like it might purge or dry up?

      [*]1 small clogged pore on my right forehead that looks like it may eventually work its way up or dry up?

      Things are looking up and I'm really hopeful that they will continue to improve. But, I need to take a deep breath when I notice a pore coming to the surface or purging. Rather than getting frantic, I need to take a breath, continue with my regimen, and let the pore slowly dry up/ shrink. Because honestly, when I push/pick at the pores, they become red, inflamed, and scab-like. Which is not pretty and much more noticeable than a small whitehead.

      I've been increasing my healthy foods/veggie intake and making an effort to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day. I'm going to increase my exercising this weekend and next week, too (since I've fallen off the wagon with that the past 2 weeks)

      I'm trying to take more deep breaths and be more calm. Maybe I'll get a yoga mat this weekend and start going to yoga again. :)


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