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Day 14



Skin seems to be getting worse again. We are camping at the mo, so no pics. I've come out in a new crop of spots (pus filled), and yet the flaking dryness is showing no signs of easing. In fact, I think I look about 10 years OLDER.

When is the dryness gonna stop? My skin just flakes and flakes all the time and I look so awful. Like I have some kind of disease.

My lips have improved. They are still dry, but have stopped scabbing over with big flakes.

It's been two weeks so I know it's still early. I wish there was a way I could rush through this to see if it was really worth it. I feel like giving up, but have nothing else I could put on my skin anyway. Going to hang in there for now.


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Billy girl I am so proud of you for sticking with this! Give your skin a few months to adjust before you throw in the towel. Do you work in a place where you have a lot to f face time? If not , that should make things easier. It can take 3,months for skin to turn a corner ......

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Hey! The falkiness will never stop! You need to help it stop. (Please read my blog about dryness: )

I would suggest you to buy Aveeno Moisturizing daily exfoliating pads. Those help me alot when my face gets flaky. Hope this Helps! God Bless! :D

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