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My New Obsession



Been a while since I've posted anything. I've been around though... Lurking.

My accutane experience

I was on 20mg/d for 7 months (weight dwindles between 105-110lbs). My skin cleared up really really quickly. Never had an initial breakout (which I am grateful for) but I did have two shitty sunburns. Had joint pain, dry eyes and lips which became really much much worse on accurate but the fact that I could look in the mirror and not see pimples and rub my hands on my back (yes.... My BACNE went away too although not as quickly) made the pain very much worth it. Some of my PIH also went away. Some :( Ahh... Also had a few nosebleeds. Those were not pretty but they weren't massive, just a pain at the time.

My only regret is that I never got a chance to start it sooner. I'm a lot happier now.

6 months after

So last month I got a couple pimples when I got my period. I freaked out. It was three of them. They were tiny enough but they scared me to death because my biggest fear in life is losing my clear skin.

I got some retin a and they were gone within two days and my skin was spotless again. I also have finals so I'm pretty stressed, dehydrated sleep deprived... But my skin doesn't look it.

It was around last month that I realised i developed a problem somewhere along the line. You see, nothing seems nearly as important to me as my clear skin now. Maybe my husband but the truth is I can't say without a doubt that I value him more than I value not having zits.

Not going to go much deeper into that right now.

Anyway, here's my post accutane skin care regimen

AM: "african black soap" - it's not real black soap from what I can tell but it's marked African black soap it was recommended to me by someone with lovely skin and I've been using it for about 7 months now and my skin seems to like whatever the hell is in it

Borghese revitalizing face serum

Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer with SPF 30 if I'm going out

Palmers olive butter formula with vitamin e body lotion if I'm not (quit my job a two weeks before my finals started)

PM: black soap

On Mondays, Wednesday's and Saturdays

Retin a 0.05%

L'oreal dermo-expertise rejuvenating anti wrinkle night cream (don't really like this quite heavy)

Or palmers olive butter

Olay total effects 7 anti aging eye treatment

Rest of the week

Black soap

Borghese serum

Olay eye treatment

Loreal night cream or Olay total effects 7 in 1 anti aging moisturizer

Once a week I scrub with the saint Ives apricot scrub

So I'm quite afraid of acne and wrinkles. I expect my skin to be more youthful looking than it is but recently with my exams I've been consuming crazy amounts of coffee and sugar and growing a nasty ulcer.

I really want to cut back on the amount of products I use but I'm so scared. Literally terrified.

As for makeup, I wear eyeliner everyday. Occasionally I will wear some dusting powder... On those days I use the clearasil wipes, followed by the ponds cold cream to remove the makeup then I continue with my night time routine for the day of the week.


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