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Almost Done With Month 3!



June is approaching fast. My 3rd month of Accutane is almost over. My acne has definitely subsided substantially. I have just one pimple on my back right now. During my first two months I was getting worried, but now when I feel my back it's such a wonderful feeling to feel it's smoothness. The only thing I am worried about now is the scarring. I have hyperpigmentation and some other type of scarring I can't identify. It's not really visible up close, but when I back away and look at my back under light you can see it. It looks like small bumps all over my back, yet when I feel my back, it's smooth. My shoulders are messed up, they're my biggest insecurity. What I've read has told me it is hypopigmentated scarring; small white bumps that aren't really treatable. I really hope I can do something about them, I despise them. Other than the scars, the Accutane has been awesome. It has cleared me up and I'm upset that I didn't go on it sooner. I'd have a lot less scarring and be a whole lot happier. I'm going to consult with my derm on my next appointment about scar treatments and post about what she says and how much they will cost me.


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