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Argan Oil And Other Natural Remedies



So it has been years since I've been on here and in between times I've been on Metformin for insulin resistance which cleared up my acne initially and then it came back worse. I then came off Metformin and there was no difference, hey ho! I've been on Evening Primrose Oil for a year or so which seems to sort of regulate my periods and possibly help my skin, but the biggest difference I've ever seen is taking Agnus Castus supplement tablets for acne and PMS and using 2% Erythromycin topical solution from the doctor with Argan oil and a few dabs of tea tree oil. My skin has never looked better. So I'd definitely recommend Argan oil for starters, clears up spots and soothes dry patches and balances oil. I've yet to find the cause of my bacne, which has been pretty severe lately, but I am using a tea tree and witch hazel spray from Boots which seems to help! Anyway just thought I'd put out there the things that are helping me in case someone else can benefit from it. Any suggestions for bacne would be welcomed though!


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