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Prp And Dermapen



HI everyone

I have been left with acne scarring for about 10 years now. During the course of the 10 years, I've tried many things to improve my scaring, however NOTHING worked, and his includes over 10 Sessions of DERMAROLLING.

Finally, i wanted to try one last thing, this is the PRP therapy in conjuction with Dermapen.

Its now been 18 days and I cannot see any improvements, yet. I hope I will, because this is a gradual process which starts to show after 2 weeks. My doctor said that if I had that many dermaroller sessions I would have seen big results by now, and she was very shocked and said it was against nature!. She persuaded me to try this PRP and Dermapen, and seemed very confident that it would work. So now i am waiting for the results..

Please post me your comments if you have had this done also, and how did it go for you? I'd love to hear about it.



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how did prp and derma pen work out for you? I have had my first session and curious to learn about others experiences. 

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