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Day 59 (Half-Way Through Week 9)



My skin was pretty much clear for the past week, but I could tell that there were some tiny, small pores that were clogged across my face and under my lip that would eventually purge.

The past day and a half I've started to get a bunch of very tiny, small pores purging across my right cheek and a couple on my left jawline.

I've been pretty bad the past few days about following my skin care regimen perfectly (as I went out a couple of nights and slept in concealer or didn't apply my topical retinoid that evening). Also, I've missed a couple doses of the antibiotic I was on, and had more sugar/alcohol/carbs than I usually ever do the past few days.

I'm getting back in the swing of things by taking my medicines, following my regimen completely, and eating more vegetables and healthier overall.

I know it's actually a good thing because the rest of the small, clogged pores are purging and my face will be even more clear after, but today is going to be a bit difficult. I'm glad to know, though, that it will keep getting better :). I'm pretty excited for weeks 10-12, as I heard those are the weeks that most of the smaller pores have purged and your face becomes even more clear and bright!

Right now, I have like 5 small red dots on my right cheek from the small pores that purged yesterday and today, and I have 2 healing marks on my left jawline from pores that purged there (one that is a bit sensitive right now).

This is definitely a process, but it's awesome to see how much things can improve in just a few days or a week!

Here's hoping my skin will heal tonight and look a ton better by tomorrow!



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