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Week 6 - Breakouts All Over My Chin



Normally when I breakout, I breakout all over my jaw, around my cheekbones, and quite a bit around my mouth. But for the past 2 weeks, I'd say 60% of my breakouts are on my chin/around my mouth. To add, my lips have been feeling really dry lately. I still get acne all over my face (the impacted pores on my forehead are starting to settled down though) but I'd say it's been primarily centered on my chin. I saw my derm on Monday and she asked me if I wanted to get back on oral antibiotics because although Ziana would help me, it won't completely get rid of my acne. I told her I wanted to stay with just Ziana for the next few weeks before going back to that. I'm just kinda tired of antibiotics is all. After that first antibiotic I was on for almost a year sent me to the hospital, I've been really wary of them. I just want to see if a good cleansing routine can do enough. I've actually been considering trying out the Regimen. If I don't get any improvement with Ziana in the next 3 months, that's my next step.

I'll admit one factor to my breakouts may just be my diet. I still live with my parents and am still finding a job (actually I found one, I'm just in training right now) so I'm not the one going out and buying the groceries to make healthy meals - I just eat whatever I can find here, and my family isn't the healthiest. I'm sure there are healthy meals I can make for myself here, I just don't know what (i.e. I'm not a good cook). Let's not forget that because of California's drought, water's been getting expensive, so I only take a water bottle from our stack if I really need it.

Also, I'm just getting over a cold I caught during finals (around the 14th). And I just started my period last night too. I'm just a great mess right now lol

I'm also wondering if quitting dairy will do any good. The issue with that is that I LOVE MILK. I have milk in some way every morning, whether it's in my cereal, or with my waffles, or in my coffee. I just don't know how I could give it up :'(


I absolutely love no-sugar added vanilla almond milk, or soy milk! Have you tried either of those?

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I've only tried regular vanilla almond milk and I absolutely loved it. I'll give that no-sugar one a shot :)

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