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Cured With Proper Doses Of Zinc



Hi, everyone, my name is Slavoljub, I am from Serbia, and I wanted to share my story with you.

My English is bad so I hope you can understand me.I got acne when I was 11 years old now I have 18 years. I tried countless creams for first 5 years 95% without success.I had oily skin, acne on the neck nose cheeks forehead acne on the upper back, chest, arms and upper part of legs.The drugs I used was roaccutane for 6 months. It was 2 years ago and cleaned me 99% of acne that have returned six months later.acne have returned after roaccutane much worse. After that I was finished with the attempt to cure with medicine and started to learn about curing acne with a diet. For these 5 years I went to 5 dermatologist and no results.Diets were largely a failure that I tried with various expensive multivitamins. I tried zinc at that time without success. After that 6 months ago, I tried paleo diet.In just one month on diet eating apples and green salats i had clean 60-65% of acne.It was amazing.but I lost 10 kg and I had to find another solution. I read a book about acne from Dr. Loren cordiana founder of paleo diet. in his book, I think that everything revolved around zinc. although I tried zinc without success, I decided to investigate where I've been wrong before. I quickly found that the real problem was in the dosage, 95% of people do not understand that. Adult man needs daily 15 mg of elemental zinc. The problem exists because the supplement does not indicate elemental zinc but zinc in certain forms (gluconate, picolinate). Elemental zinc in picolinate is like 20% of elemental zinc, so in pill that conteins 50mg zinc picolinate is just like 10mg of elemental zinc. So i started to take 3-4 pills of zinc picolinate and gluconate which is equal to 30g of elemetal zinc(zinc gluconate have just 11% of elemental zinc). In first 3 weeks i cleaned 90% acne on my face. But in that 3 weeks had more cystic acne on my body then in whole life, because of that i whanted to stop with zinc but i whanted to see what would happen one month more. On week 5 and 6 my body acne stared to disappear and for last 4 months i had just acne on my upper legs that are starting to disappear slowly.I tried to drop the dose to 15 mg elemental zinc (100mg gluconate and picolinate) and acne are little started to come back, so I returned to 150 mg, again for solving the problem.Now my friend is using zinc he is in the third week and he has already cleaned 75% of the face. He has no problems with body acne. Today two more friends asked me to start with zinc because they can't believe how much helpped me and i had worse acne then both of them.

This is the long post but i just whanted to help you and to understend that the zinc is natural solution for acne and in same time deficiency is cause in 80% of all acne in people. So try it and see results :)


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