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Week 20 (Day 149)



Well it has been exactly 5 months on my regimen and it is safe to say it has been an epic fail. I am more broken out than the day I started and my overall skin tone and texture is just God awful. Also have developed inflamed acne on both cheeks since stopping consistent use of differin a week or so ago due to excessive dryness. Tonight was the second night I restarted it but I doubt it will make a difference. I have nothing else in me to give and I don't know where else to turn. I moved up me derm appt to next week but I may as well cancel it because the only thing she can do is throw another topical at me. I was thinking of revisiting facials but my previous bad experiences make me wary. Accutane for the fourth time is an option but I am not ready for that again. I still hold out hope that my naturopath may hold the key but not getting on it. Debating whether or not to keep this train wreck of a blog going. This would be my fifth failed blog/log on the org


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