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It's Day 53, AKA half-way through my 8th week on this regimen!


  • Spironolactone 100mg/day, Benzoyl Peroxide face wash in AM (PanOxyl brand 4%), CeraVe moisturizing cleanser and CeraVe moisturizing lotion in AM and PM. Topical Retinoid (Tretinoin--"RetinA" brand 0.05%).

    Things are going so, so, so much better. Honestly, right now I'm just dealing with some healing red marks and some random small pores that have been purging.

    Here's the state of things:
    • Red/Pink Marks
      • 1 dark pink mark on left cheek--still healing from a deep small/medium-sized pore that purged last week
      • 1 light pink mark on right cheek--almost entirely healed from a pore that purged last week
      • 2 pink marks on chin from pores that purged this past week
      • 1 pink mark on chin from a deeper pore that finally surfaced and purged today
      • 2 dark pink marks on left jawline from dry skin (from healing marks the past couple of weeks) that peeled a bit today --not very noticeable
      • 1 red mark on neck from a pore that purged? this week
      • Actives
        • none right now

        [*]About to purge

        [*]There's some small pores that I can tell are clogged and will probably purge over the next few weeks. Hopefully nothing major

        [*]Lookin' great

        [*]Forehead--my forehead has been the most clear, even, and almost "glowing" for the longest amount of time (but it did take a few weeks for that to even start to happen...probably around week 4)

        [*]Nose--lookin' pretty good. Always a couple of small blackheads/ clogged pores but it's becoming consistently less and less with each week

        [*]Right jawline--I think all of the deeply clogged pores here have purged and it's looking so much better!

        Overall, I'm really, really glad I stuck this regimen out for the roller-coaster of awful purging and the rough parts. Trust me, my face is still not clear, but it's getting there! I'm happy for the improvement I've seen so far, and I'm going to keep up with this regimen diligently! :)

        Updates to Regimen since week 7:

        Also, just a note that since I got my first cycle on this regimen (around week 6), I started taking 100mg of Spironolactone each day, not 75mg/day. Also, in the past 2 days I've started an antibiotic (Minocycline) for a UTI--not for acne, but I think it could help the remaining acne purging as well, so that's nice!


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