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Day 52 (Week 8)



It's Day 52 (in the first part of my 8th week) on this regimen.

Things have continued to improve! Here's the state of things:

  • Marks
    • 1 pink mark on left cheek--from a bit of a deeper pore that purged this past week--it's healing up
    • 1 pink mark on right cheek that's almost healed (from a pore that purged this past week)
    • 1 pink mark on chin from pore that purged
      • SO, SO, SO glad I did not push/pick at this pore! The atralin did it's job at night and got into the pore and pushed all the gunk out, even the seed of the clogged pore. Thank goodness!


      [*]1 tiny pore on my chin that's drying up/ might purge. It's pretty small but it's taken a while to get close to the surface

      Things are going pretty well! :D

      I'm trying to get back into my healthy lifestyle of eating lots of fruits and veggies, drinking tons of water each day, and working out.

      I'm on an antibiotic right now for a UTI, so I'm hoping that doesn't mess with my skin. But it shouldn't...I just need to drink a ton of water! :)


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