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29Yr Old Female- First Time Accutane User Low Dose



Hi all,

I have just started accutane 20mg every second day for mild yet persistent acne. I have alway suffered from breakouts throughout the years, nothing too extreme a few pimples here and there, but my problem was always those large painful cystic pimples that would take 2 weeks+ to disappear and could not be popped. My problem areas are my cheeks and chin.

I have tried everything in the past, differin, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, facials, mynomycin for 4 months, clean eating, expensive serums, vitamins etc.. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years. I must admit being on YAZ birth control did help. I was on it for 6 months, however had to come off it as I always had throbbing pains in my calves that worried me, i'm i smoker too (i know I have to kick that habit).

Over the last 4 months my skin had gotten progressesvily worse. I have developed clogged pores, everywhere but more predominately on my left check. They are very obvious in different lighting. I average one to two cysts a week and I have a lot of red marks from picking (another habit that I have to kick).

I am so over this, it is ruining my confidence but I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I hope accutane will clear me up so I can be that happy, confident women I once was. I am scared of the side affects, especially the initial breakout as it's my 30th birthday in a month. I will update my progress every week and possibly post a few pics.

Questions I have, what will accutane do to my clogged pores? What is a good night time moisturizer? I will be using cetafil cleanser and spf moisturizer in the morning, however i'm unsure what to use at night?


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I'm on Day 18 and so far all my pores have done is either produced pimples or started pushing blackheads out. I'm on 30mg a day though so I'm not sure if your's will progress the same way.

Moisturizer wise at night I usually use the cetaphil cleanser which works okay, not the greatest at removing make up. To moisturize I usually use a mix of some type of oil (jojoba and maracuja are my favorites) and CeraVe moisturizing cream. So far it's working pretty well. I'm thinking about switching from the cetaphil cleanser to an oil cleanser though-I hope maybe that will do a better job at removing my make up and keeping some moisture in my skin. Good luck!

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Well a lot has happened this week. I was rushed to hospital with severe stomach cramps. All my tests came back fine. I had only taken two pills. I'm not sure if this a coincidence or my body is rejecting the accutane. My derm said that it is unlikely that it was the accutane. I'm stopping for now and will look at other options such as spiro. It's so frustrating, my skin was actually feeling smoother and my spots were drying up. I feel helpless at this stage

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Day 9. So it turns out that I had a virus and its safe to continue with the accutane. I think I've just started my initial breakout. My clogged pores look larger. Ahhh I hope it gets somewhat better in the next 3 weeks for my birthday. I've started flaking a little on my nose too. How long does the initial breakout usually last for? And once the clogged pores turn into pimples, do they go away quickly, turn into a whitehead or dry out?

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My initial break out has been about 2 weeks total :( I think it's going away now though. Some of my clogged pores turned into whiteheads and some never did and took a few days to go away. The whiteheads I picked at did dry out and took much longer to go away.

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It's amazing how it works. I will try to resist the urge to pick. I can see a lot of congestion coming to the surface. Just think we are going to have beautiful skin once this is over :)

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Week 3- so a bit has been happening, some of my congestion did turn into whiteheads. I thought thats great! Then I stupidly popped them which resulted in horrible red marks on my face. I have one big cyst on the side of my nose right now. However I have noticed an increase in my facial hair on my cheeks and chin. I was so worried about this that I went to the doctors and was prescribed bcp called zoely. It's supposed to be good for acne and facial hair with less side effects. Has anyone else experienced extra facial hair on accutane?

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Hey guys and girls. So it's been 1 month into to my course. My blocked pores are poking out I guess you could say. I have more comedones that have popped up. So I've just started my initial breakout and its my 30th birthday tomorrow great :/ anyway at least I don't have any huge zits. I can't wait till this process is over. I hope these comedones will just dry up and fall of. Fingers crossed. Anyway I believe I did this to myself, years of picking and using too many products and never just leaving my skin alone. This will definitely be a fresh start :)

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Week 6- hey all, it's been 6 weeks now. My face is dry and I'm peeling a little around my nose. Pimples seem to come to the head faster

I still have many closed comedones that seem to be getting closer to the surface. I just want this crap off my face already :( anyway I'm seeing my derm this week to discuss about upping my dosage because 10mg just seems way to low. Accutane has definitely made me really moody, I'm happy one minute then crying the next.

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