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Things Are Going Pretty Good - End Of Week 7 (Day 49)!



It's the end of week 7 (Day 49), and I'm doing pretty well right now!

After the major purging happened at the end of week 5, and then healed in week 6, things are improving and continuing to heal.

I've had a few small pores right around my nose area and on my right cheek purge, but nothing major. Right now, here's the state of things:

  • Marks
    • 1 pink mark on left cheek--still healing up from the past week
    • 1 tiny pink dot on right cheek from a pore purging
    • 1 pink mark on forehead from a zit the other day--maybe bad food/stress related? not sure. Benzoyl peroxide face wash and my normal regimen helped clear it up!
    • Actives
      • 1 small pink dot? pore? on chin that may dry up or purge?

      [*]About to Purge

      [*]Couple of small pores here and there that may purge

      Things are going well right now and I'm really excited to see how things go in week 8! By next Wednesday, I'll have been on this regimen a whole 2 months! :D


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So happy for you hope! You deserve this!

Thank you! I just wish things were going better for you :/

Maybe spironolactone would be good to try?

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