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How Long Does Dianette Take To Work?



Im 17 years old had acne since the age of 13 i started off trying zineryt which worked great for a year but then my acne came back, i then went onto anti biotics which worked really well but unfortunately i had to come off them because of other side effects. I then had a few months on no medication for acne where my spots got worse and worse so then i went back to the doctors and got given dianette a contraceptive pill.

I am a few days away from finishing my second pack of dianette and i have no noticed any improvement :( my acne is classed as moderate but its so bad i cant cover it with make up. It really brings me down its my 18th in a few weeks and it makes me want to cry that i am going out with all my friends and everyone is going to be looking at my face :( and thinking of my summer holiday abroad with no make up kills me inside :(

I just want to know how long dianette takes to work???? i am so close to giving up on everything these should be the best days of my life and i have great friends and a perfect boyfriend but i just hate myself and i cant be happy :(

Please somebody give me hope!! & as for side effects with dianette it does make me more emotional i feel like crying more often but if its going to work and make me have clear skin i can live with that ;P

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I find myself in a similar situation as yourself, im 17, have an amazing supportive boyfriend, friends and family and  I too have just finished my second pack of dianette with no noticeable results.  My friend told me to keep going until 4 months and if nothing has got better to go back to my GP. She did say that for her, the third pack is when things began to change, and it wasn't until she had finished pack three that her skin began to look amazing, and i mean truly amazing! My advice for you is to stick it out for a couple more months and keep your head up, acne sucks but you will find something that works and i hope dianette does just that xx

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