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Feeling So Alone



As I continue through this struggle, I'm feeling all alone. At work today I was so crabby and sad and feeling like shite and there was not one person I could share those feelings with. Everyone thinks that acne is such a small issue and those people tend to not have acne.

It disfigures the skin, makes everything uneven and can affect the self esteem on levels unheard of.

I feel like a teenager again. This is my biggest insecurity and one of my toughest battles and believe me when I say I've been through quite a few (an assault, discrimination, suicide attempts).

I don't know where else to turn. If anyone else understands, feel free to reach out - I could use some support on this front


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I'm so sorry that you're feeling down. If you need to talk, message me! We've all been there...


Just focus on making yourself feel as best as you can right now. It will get better! Have you thought about maybe doing therapy or yoga or something that will help you de-stress and get your emotions off your chest?

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I understand. I've had acne all my life (I'm 40), and it has constantly eroded my confidence and affected my behaviour in relationships, jobs, and friendships. I am so conscious of it all the time. I look at other people with clear skin as adults and wonder what it must be like because I have never, ever had that. Acne, because it is on the face, destroys confidence - totally and utterly. I've skipped work, and even quit jobs before when it has been too bad for me to go out.

Now, I'm facing wrinkles and grey hairs and I STILL haven't got rid of the acne. I've never been able to wear much make-up, and I feel like I've been cheated out of a life of clear skin.

I can be honest with myself now and admit that acne is the fundamental issue at the root of everything else that I deal with. I know I need to beat this, but I have no idea how.

It's so depressing. I have no answers, but I do know how you feel.


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Thanks ladies! @ Hope, I've done therapy and while it has been helpful , I find it difficult to talk to someone who had no idea how I feel . I personally find yoga not a great activity for me but I do love exercising. The problem becomes sweat irritates my skin due to topicals so I haven't been able to seriously exercise in months! I know deep down there is more to me than this crap but when it is so obvious and out there, it's hard to keep the pretense up. @billy girl, it sucks to be our age and dealing with these issues from both ends. I am sorry that you or anyone has to deal with this crap. I too need to find acceptance with it because I doubt it is going anywhere (i have pretty much exhausted all me dermological and diet options with the exception of spiro and birth control and harsher topicals like tazorac). Hopefully we can chat some more.

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It sucks that you're feeling so down. I remember when you reached your hand out for me in the past, and I want to do the same. I wish there were a quick fix or something inspirational to say right now, but all I can do is understand where you're coming from. Acne really does take a toll on the mind. I'm sorry you had a bad day.

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