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Better Today. 'cept My Bloody Forehead!



So yeah being super strict on the regimen has helped a bunch - it's just my forehead which is being very naughty now! Reading more about acne on here I'm wondering if it's that acne from makeup... 'acnecosmeticus' or something similarly Harry potter sounding!! ;) but I couldn't ever EVER go without foundation and go out!! Even if I had no spots - I still wouldn't go without because my skin isn't perfect anyway - I'd still have a few scars and large pores, bags under my eyes...etc!!

So if anyone could possibly advise me as to what all the hundreds of little bumps under my skin are and how to get rid of them????!!! Thank you x

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yep- looks like makeup induced acne.

But! There is good news... there are make-ups that do not have acne causing ingredients. You have to be SUPER diligent and review EVERY SINGLE ingredient before buying one. A product is only as non-comedegenic as its most zit causing ingredient.

Rimmel 25 hour with SPF is AMAZING for coverage, really does last all day, and has no acne causing ingredients. Try it out!

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