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Going Trough Solo( In 2 Different Ways) Read It ...you'll Understand



hey guys

today was the breakdown part 2 .....and just like the movie hangover part 02 ....it wasn't as good as the first one

today i had a big fight with family .....first you must know that my family are supportive ( or ''were'' ) but like any other person ....when you keep bringing in the same topic ....that person got bored and annoyed and start thinking you're just doing that for attention

which made me realize how strange my mind work ....i been trough dark places in the last couple years but as long as my skin is clear ...i didn't give a damn .....hell a week a go i was having bad accutane fatigue ...i barelly could walk down the street and no one cared in my family ....they tough i was just making shit up or being overdramatic (excuse my english)....but i didnt care what they tough ....because ????? yes you guessed it ....i was clear....like 97 percent clear

but now im fucked ....i have to travel 350 km to our capitan city to do some paperwork ....and i have to go alone with a recent breakout on my face ....and i'll have to stay at my college room ....ALONE with my toughts ......yeah i dont want to say what i think is going to happen ....as i fear the mods are going to delete my blog .( yeah you there smiling at this while you read it ) ....but for you smart people out there ....you understand where im going with this right ?

oh before i forget ....im on day 76 of accuatne

i took 73 days on 10 mg

and ever since day 74....im on 20 mg per day

side effects = 0000 (strange huh ?)

if anyone been following this mess of a blog ....leave me a ''holla''


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