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Day 46 - Still Healing, But Doing So Much Better



It's Day 46 and I'm half-way through my 6th week on this regimen.

I will be very excited on Wednesday when I have officially been on it for 7 weeks. I'm getting really close to the 2 month (8 week) milestone, at which point I've heard a lot of people notice less inflamed acne and purging. Let's hope this is the case!!!

My face has healed up SO MUCH from last week's awful purging phase on my cheeks, chin, temples, and jawline.

Here's ann update of what's going on:

  • Red Marks (big ones)
    • 1 big red mark/ dry area that's trying to heal above my lip to the left
    • Pink Marks
      • 1 small pink mark above my lip on the right that's healing (slowly)
      • 1 small pink mark on my chin from a pore that dried up and sloughed off the skin
      • a couple of really, really small pink dots on my left and right cheeks from small pores that purged this past week
      • Actives
        • None right now, I think!

        [*]About to purge?

        [*]The areas of skin to the left and right of my nose look like they might purge soon--the pores have become noticeably bigger, as if to push out gunk underneath, and I have 1 very tiny clogged pore on the left side of my nose

        [*]I need to be really careful in not picking/ rubbing this area. And not applying too much BP or Atralin to it, because it's a sensitive area of skin and it could burn/ peel

        [*]There's a couple of very small pores on the left side of my face near my hairline that may just dry up, or they might purge

        Hoping that things heal up a ton more this evening and overnight, and that I can use just a couple dabs of concealer tomorrow when going to work! I'm also going to pick up more birth control (Ortho Tri- Cyclen) on Monday so that my period can end. The past few days I've bumped my Sprionolactone up from 75 mg/day to 100 mg/day, just for my period. :D

        Also, keep thinking good thoughts & praying for me that things continue to improve the next couple of weeks and that the awful purging phases have come to an end.


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