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Day 2



Little update.

Used pea size amount of the retin-a micro last night. Waited half an hour after I washed my face (I heard thats crucial) even though i REALLY just wanted to get in bed and go to sleep. I should've waited another half hour to put my DML lotion on my face but I was just too tired and went to bed.

Woke up and no noticeable difference just like yesterday. No redness, dryness, flakiness and unfortunately again the same acne as I went to bed with.

Late morning I am noticing some slight itchiness. Could be from not moisturizing on top? I am kind of hoping this is a sign it's starting to work though as I was starting to think I was rubbing a placebo on my face due to no effects of any kind good or bed.

Fingers crossed.


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I wash my face, dry it, put on moisturizer and then wait 30-60 mins before applying the topical retinoid. That way, the moisturizer has enough time to sink into my skin and moisturize it before I apply the RetinA. Also, dry skin can make acne worse and cause more, especially if you have current zits and infected pimples. By moisturizing first, you're making sure you're still getting all the benefits of the topical retinoid, but lessening the irritation and itchyness that can come from just using the topical retinoid alone

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It's imperative that you moisturizer with your retinoid. As Hope stated, dry skin and acne do not mix. Itching is a sign that your skin is irritated.

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Thanks for the comments! I'm actually pretty surprised someone is reading this haha. I had a question about what you said about putting the moisturizer on first...does that lessen the effect of the retin-a at all? Also, are you having a lot of success?! I would love to know.

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