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#$%@%. .....Woke up with the worst splattering of spots on my forehead :( ...... Obviously the worst thing to do would be to squeeze them....I mean they had no pus....I hadn't washed my face etc but.....yup you guessed it!! - I squeezed like a mad woman!! And of course now feel like I've eaten a whole pizza on a diet (oh and I look like one too!! ;) )

I'm gonna keep on with the regimen cuz I know it works, but recently I've stopped taking a herbal clear skin tablet and my multi vitamin so I'll get back on that asap as it must of made a difference. Considering doing something with oils again (you may notice I left a fairly damning review!!) But despite breakouts and flaking it left the 'quality' of the other skin incredible - plumped, smooth, toned and poreless!!! But will perhaps wait until im a bit clearer then slowly introduce one oil....... :/ and I HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM THE BLOODY MIRROR!!!!!!


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Oils do help with texture but for some of us, it makes acne worse so you have to pick and choose which is more important- nice texture or acne. Mirrors are the devil!

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