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Day 45 - My Face Has Healed So Much



It's Day 45, and I'm in the middle of week #7 on this regimen.

This past week was TERRIBLE. From Saturday to Wednesday my face was constantly breaking out and purging the clogged pores underneath. My cheeks (in the middle), and chin, temples, and one spot on my forehead just looked awful.

Over the past few days (Wednesday to Friday mostly), my skin has healed a ton by using my regimen (still), except being careful not to use too much Benzoyl Peroxide face wash on the dry/sensitive parts of my skin, and not using Atralin on them either.

Right now, here's the state of things:

  • Red Marks
    • 1 dark red mark and dry skin on a bump above my lip to the left (still trying to heal from Thursday)
    • 1 light pink mark on my left cheek (healing up well from last week)
    • 1 light pink mark on my chin in the middle (healing up well from last week)--this section of skin is very sensitive, so I need to be more careful with not applying too much Atralin in the future.
    • 2 medium pink marks on my right lower jawline, under my chin, but they're not really noticeable to other people
    • Actives
      • 1 small clogged pore above my lip, to the right of it--it's just red right now but hasn't pushed out or formed a whitehead
      • I had 2 small clogged pores that I realized last night. They had already turned into whiteheads (I didn't even notice them yesterday morning), and they purged.

      [*]Soon to Purge

      [*]1 clogged pore (that's not exposed, but kind of like a blackhead under the skin) on the right side of my face, a few inches to the right of my chin.

      [*]1 clogged pore on my right lower face, near my chin

      [*]2 small clogged pores on my right cheek--very high up on the apples of my cheeks, a few inches from my hairline

      [*]a few clogged pores under my left jawline/chin on my neck, but they're not bugging me, so I'm leaving them alone.

      Overall, my skin is healing up so much, which I am VERY grateful for. I think this week was extra-bad with purging since I got my period for the first time in 6 weeks, since I started my new birth control and this regimen. This is another time when I feel like a couple dabs of concealer and I can go outside and be with people :)

      Thank goodness.

      I'm hoping that my skin continues to heal, and that if there is purging in the future, that it's not bad and doesn't leave marks.


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