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Moisterizers On Accutane ...to Use Or Not To Use



current condition on my accutane journey

age = 21 years old

sex= yes please ....jk.....male

dose= 10 mg for the first 2 months and a half ....but since yesterday (day 74) im taking 20 mg a day

acne side= been having 2 weeks of clear skin followed by 2 weeks of bad skin ever since day 14 (weird)

side effects = been having dry skin and muscle fatigue but ever since i started taking the drug at night ...im having 0 side effects (just a little dry skin but no flaking like before) (super weird i know)

do you have to use a moisterize while on accutane ?

the answer for this is easy ....and i personally have tried using and not using a moisterize while on accutane and i have this to say ......when you dont use a moisterize your skin starts flaking and sometimes it can look worse than acne plus your skin will be super fragile ....trust me i had to learn that the hard way ....and ended up with facial hair loss that wont grow ever since (bummer i know) .....so this round i decided to use a moisterizer more often and i hae to say it does make your skin feels good but sadlly for me it broke me out ....especially since i was using this product called ''biafine'' ...my derm gaved it to me and untill latelly that i realised that it can gloc pores ....so ...:

the final verdict: using a moisterzer is very important if you're having dry skin but be carefull and use a non comedeogenic one (sorry for my english) .....and remember to check the ingredients of your products online ....and see if they can cause acne or not ....its quiet easy and better than dealing with a breakout .....we get enough of thoes just being on this damn drug



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