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Welcome To My Blog( My Story And Why I Started It This)



my history with acne (boring i know)

i had acne since i was maybe 15 years old ....but it got worse in high school ...back then i tried doxy and used BP on active spots ....but i never was clear or even close so i decided to accept this acne and live with it

untill i reached college and got in med school ....i realised how much acne was making me inscure around other med student who most of them had good skin ...so one day last year 'may 2014' i snapped and became obssesed with acne ...so i re visited the derm and this time he gaved me accutane (my first course ) was 10 mg for 2 months and 20 mg for 2 months ....i was on it from may to sepetember but i stopped it due to high test results (ALAT and ASAT) and when my enzym levels got normal again ...the derm asked me if i want to go back on it but i refused due to hearing about some scary horror story about the drug and due to me loosing facial hair once( which i think was a part my faut becuz i over washed my face that day)

so i stopped accutane half way and decided to try the diet thing ....and it worked great for 4 months after that (or i think it did) ...but from no where this month after consuming sugar on regular bases .. i broke out bad and despite going back to my old diet i kept breaking out ....so i decided i cant stay like this ....the stress was killing me and this diet alltough now it helps keep the bad breakouts away it made loose tons of weight and cant work on the long run .....so i did it again ...i went back on accutane

round 2 of accutane ....scary and dark future

so i went to a new derm and asked him for accutane ....he agreed but he said i'll have to go on 30 mg for a month and 40 mg on the other months ....but i refused ...because my test results were high on 20 mg and i dont think my body can handle 30 or 40 mg ....so i went to another derm and starting accutane 10 mg a day

my dose : 10 mg/day for 74 days (done)

20 mg/ day starting today (day 75)


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