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Beautiful Inside And Out



It's more than just physical

I used to have pretty bad acne aged 14- 26 and i still get occasional spots and have scarring but like most suffers out ther I tried everything orally and topically to no lasting success.

It is only these past two years I have realised my condition was psychological and spiritual which was manifesting physically as i was wired biologically to make me acne prone.

Please watch this video to understand


By dealing with the root cause (reason behind) instead of suppressing the end result (acne) you can cure it. Things that actually helped me;

1. Stop looking in the mirror!

When you need to sit afar from the mirror. The less you look the less you damage your self esteem. I remember when I went on a boring long holiday staying with family in a remote town in Canada. They only had one mirror in the bathroom so during the 6 weeks I barley looked at myself. As there was hardly any people around and I didn't know anyone in the town I walked around with no make up and didn't care. I washed my face with just tepid water- thoroughly. Six weeks later I came home and my sister were stunned at how clear my face was. She asked if I were wearing makeup...and I wasn't!

2. Stop using so many chemicals on your face!

I only use moisturiser at night which is Organic Argan oil, and water to wash my face. To cleanse off daily dirt and makeup I use my own cleanser and toner which I store in a container. 1 tea cup of filtered water mixed 1-2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. I dip in as many cotton pads as i need, squeezing out all excess water and then wipe over face to remove makeup. ( start with one teaspoon as your skin may be sensitive especially if you have been using chemicals on your skin.) I swear this works.

3. Meditate or get creative!

Meditating relaxes and clears your mind activating the right side of your brain which activates the parasympathetic nervous system which sends relaxing signals to your whole body. Being creative such as painting, learning a new instrument, knitting etc also will do the same. The less stressed you are the less toxicity you will build and the better your skin will be.

4. Drink plenty of water but don't overdo it!

Your body will tell you when you don't need anymore water, the salt water balance in your body needs to be correct in order for you to function correctly.

5. Your body is a gift listen to it!

When you get a breakout it is your body telling you something is wrong. Thank it and listen to it. Ask yourself what thoughts am I feeding it what is your mind chatter about yourself? Is it putting you down, telling you your not good enough or pretty or handsome enough? Remind yourself you are a unique being and discover your own talents and gifts.

6. Stop reading about it !

Once you have learnt enough about how and what you can do, try not to read the word acne as your subconscious mind registers it and you subconciously give it more energy than is needed. Instead recite a mantra saying I HAVE CLEAR SKIN. I AM HAPPY IN MY SKIN instead of saying I DONT WANT ACNE

7. Your body is a result of what you feed it!

Physically and mentally. Physically hormonal foods such as meat and dairy will aggrevate it. Also spicy foods and excess cold butters and oils will too. Caffine will do the same so try caffine free for a while. Sugar will spike your GI level causing breakouts too so try Xyilotol which tastes exactly like sugar with out the side effects!

Try a healthy cleansing diet- that doesn't mean living on smoothies. I eat avacados everyday, i love sweet potatoe chips (baked with olive oil or in a tefal actifry machine) lots of veg and Roobios tea :) with Rude health Rice milk which is naturally sweet yum yum!

Mentally do not give your lack of self esteem any ammunition. Get off facebook for a while so to stop comparing yourself with others. Most models and people on facebook always look great because of makeup, lighting etc and we begin comparing ourselves. Life is more than that. Love yourself as I mentioned before, make a vision board with photos you like about yourself, stick words on it like Beautiful, happy, peaceful, handsome! and stick it in your room.

8.Removing dead skin cells

Every two days I use a very small amount of this on my whole face, rubbing it very thinly so that its not visible when spread. Its all natural fruits and no chemicals in sight. Skin feels amazingly soft and clean after! http://www.natures-skin-and-body-food.com/skin-peel.html

Honestly these have all helped me and my skin is so so sooo much better than it used to be. I need to do a liver detox i think too, as a result of too many antibiotics when younger it is weak, but I promise these things and no chemicals are what gave me clear skin for the first time in my life. It is a lifestyle change, and really hope it helps.

Please let me know If I can help in anyway . Remember you are unique and special and your body is a gift. Stay positive and smiling

God bless



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