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5 This Is A Common Cause Of Acne Is Difficult To Be Eliminated

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The name of acne is very annoying. Especially if it did nothing to eliminate it, but acne is still just hanging out. If it happens to you, you may be included in the following 5 things that can cause acne stubborn. If it is true, you should minimize or avoid. So what are the things that cause acne is difficult to be eliminated? following his review.

1. Too Often Face Wash


Remember too frequent washing of the face can also make acne appear and difficult to remove. Because when washing the face, the skin will become dry, this will trigger the skin to produce oil to moisten. So this excess oil will make acne appear or stubborn.

2. Eating Oily Food


If your acne is hard to lose or always appears, you should also pay attention to diet that you do everyday. Foods containing oils will make your skin too oily, so it would be nice if you avoid foods that contain a lot of oil such as fried foods or fast food.

3. Lack of Sleep


Like staying up? Should avoid this because it can also cause your acne is difficult to remove, enough sleep will make you more relaxed. And will be back fitter each time waking up in the morning to start your daily activities.

4. Rarely Changing Cushion & Towels


If you never change your pillowcases or towels, this could be the cause of your acne stubborn or always reappear. Towels and pillowcases were rarely replaced will become a hotbed of bacteria that can plague your skin. So should you change your pillowcases and towels twice a week.

5. Clothes That You Use


Clothes that you use can also cause acne or make your acne is difficult to remove. Clothes derived from synthetic fabrics can become a breeding house sweat and dead skin cells, so it can clog the pores of your skin.


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