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Day 43 - Healing - Starting Week 7!



My face is starting to heal from the hell that was the purging/ scabbing this past week.

Right now, here's the state of things:

  • Red Marks
    • 1 on my left cheek that's still healing
    • 1 above my lip that's still healing
    • 1 big one on my chin (just red still--not sure if it will dry up more or flake off? I hope not!)
    • 1 below my lip -- healing and getting much better
    • Actives

      • I had one very, very small pore purge on my left cheek this morning It's gone now
      • 2 very small pores on my chin (bottom right-side) that won't seem to push out or dry up --pushed out/ dried up I think?
      • I had another pore purge on my left cheek this afternoon -- it's gone now, but there may be another pore (that was right next to it that's inflamed under the skin and could purge--not sure :/
      • 1 clogged pore above my lip on the left side -- purged, but I'm not sure if the root came out, which is my fault maybe for messing with it before I saw a full white head...it's very inflamed and red now--like very, very red :( I'm an idiot. hopefully the BP wash I used will help dry it up and then it can heal

      [*]Overall, my face is so much better that it has been the past 5 days. Thank goodness. Today I have concealer over the marks and some powder too. I pretty much didn't leave the house from Saturday to Wednesday night because it was so embarrassing. I think getting my period for the first time in 6 weeks since i've started this regimen & my new birth control made things much worse with pre-menstrual acne :/

      Keeping my hopes up that my face will continue to heal, and improve. And that I won't have any more awful breakouts/purging! Oh, and that I can stay calm and patient and not pick at or damage my skin!


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Yay for you Hope! You're definitely heading in the right direction.

I hope so... but I just feel like there may be more purging in the future, which scares me

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