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Day 42 - Been Using This For 6 Weeks!



It's the official Day 42 mark, meaning I've been on this regimen for 6 weeks. Check out my earlier posts for specifics, but I'm on 75 mg Spironolactone/day, Benzoyl Peroxide in AM, and Atralin in PM.

I'm 2 weeks away from the 8 week (2 months) mark, and half way to the 12 week mark (3 months). Many people say that the 8-12 week mark is when people usually see less purging and improved skin. I REALLY HOPE THIS HAPPENS FOR ME!!!!!!!!

The past few days have been AWFUL--I've had tons of inflamed zits and purging on my cheeks, jawline, chin, and temples.

I think the purging is subsiding and starting to heal.

My skin has healed a LOT since yesterday, but I still have some big red marks that are bothering me:

  • Marks:
  • 1 big red mark on left cheek - healing, but slowly :/
  • 1 above lip
  • 1 on chin -- just slightly red but in a big area, an inch long--a thin layer of skin peeled off from the Atralin and BP :(

I've been better about not trying to extract zits/ purging pores before they're ready--but this morning I did that to a pore that was ready, but the skin around it was so thin/ sensitive, that it peeled off the very topmost thin layer :(

I've also been drinking as much water as I can, taking 2 multi-vitamins per day (just for now while my skin heals), and have been moisturizing the dry parts/ marks on my skin a bunch.

Tomorrow morning I have to go in to work & look decent, meaning wearing concealer and maybe makeup to cover up the marks...but I'm just going to remind myself that they are just marks and they're healing up and will get better soon.

Any encouragement/ positive vibes you can send my way please, please do!!!


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