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(Day 41) Nervous To Face Other People



I've worked at home Monday and today because my skin was just terrible, and I honestly could not take the emotional toll of slapping on tons of makeup to cover my skin (and possibly make it worse) and face other people.

It may sound pathetic, but it's just straight-up true. And I'm not ashamed of it.

Tomorrow afternoon though, I have to face the facts and work from the office. I have meetings with people and stuff to do there...and I'm really dreading it.

My face is getting better, and is a lot better than it was yesterday... here's an update:

  • Actives
    • 1 stubborn and annoying zit on my right jawline a few inches below my ear that will not purge/ go away. UGH. I need to stop squeezing it and let it purge.
    • 1? on my upper lip--it purged...but not all the way (because I pressed on it too early and the root did not come out :/ but hopefully the Benzoyl Peroxide fash wash from this morning will help kill it and atralin might make it purge tonight)
    • Marks
      • 2 big pink marks on my left cheek where pores purged the past few days
      • 1 small pink mark on left cheek where another pore purged today
      • 1 under my lip that's still trying to heal :/
      • 1 above my lip--same one that didn't purge all the way
      • 1 on my top right forehead that's healing
      • About to purge
        • 1 small clogged pore on the very top of my right upper cheek that may dry up or purge? (nothing major)
        • 2 small clogged pores on the very bottom right of my chin (should purge tomorrow)--NOT GOING TO MESS WITH THESE. I'VE LEARNED MY LESSON...I think!
        • 1 small clogged pore on the very bottom left of my chin, again--not going to mess with this.

      The Silver Lining I guess...

      [*]Is that my right and left cheeks have now both had a purging-frenzy and I HOPE the worst of the purging is done.

      [*]My chin has mostly purged and HOPEFULLY will be done soon

      That would mean over the past 6 weeks, I've had major purging (at different times, in phases) on my:

      [*]Forehead & temples

      [*]Nose & between eyebrows

      [*]Right Jawline

      [*]Left Jawline

      [*]Lower Cheeks

      [*]Upper Cheeks

      [*]Middle Cheeks

      [*]Above Lips

      [*]Below Lips

      [*]Near/ Around my Lips

      [*]Chin--may not be done yet



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