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Week 18 (Day 136)



As i inch closer the the 5 month mark, I have come to the realization that once again, I have embarked on a journey that has turned up at another dead end. I officially GIVE UP on my regimen. I am quite proud that i stuck it out this long and I will continue to hang in there until I see my derm or my skin becomes so unhappy. Right now though, I am so miserable with my skin and just at the point where I think acne will have to become a natural part of me like my skin color or hair texture.

As a teen, i would never have thought i would be dealing with this all these years later. It is disheartening to say the least. I dread dressing up, looking in the mirror, planning events far in advance. But i still do all those things which makes me a rock star. My allergies are acting up so on top of acne, dry skin and the like, I have itchy eyes, nose and skin. In any event, on to the update:

lots of comedones popping up around my mouth on both sides. 2 lip zits that may come to a head by tomorrow. Two mouth comedones have inflamed on right side and the rest may or may not join in on the fun. I have a hard pimple on my temple that may be cystic in nature and could take a few weeks to come up and go down. My left side down ears have pimples that are red and hard. Inner cheeks are stable but acne still there. All over face is red and dryish.

Looking like i had a bad tan. Just so over this nonsense.


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Shoot.. I am so sorry! I'm so proud of you for sticking it out to the 5 month mark!

I really, really hope your derm has more information/ suggestions for you. Do you think your skin is just still purging all of its clogged pores? I never would have thought I'd have this much gunk underneath since I did Accutane for a bit--but I was wrong!

Do you think that your skin is just still purging and another month could help? Or pairing it with an antibiotic? You've been using BP wash in the morning and retinoid at night right??

Do you think adding Spiro would help? Have you had times during this regimen when your face is nearly clear?

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Hey Hope. I don't think my skin is purging anything. I just think this regimen is not for me. I am allergic to be so I am using a mild face wash and a topical cream called Aczone in the am and pm along with differin at night. I don't believe in taking oral antibiotics so I stay away from them. Spiro may help but I don't know if my acne is truly hormonal as I break out all month long and practically every day so..... I am seeing a naturopath since September so hopefully we'll figure something out

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