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Week 1

I was gonna simply go dairy free but since i dont eat that much meat and i have recently seen some animal videos i decided to try veganism for 6 months in hopes of results.

so far no new break outs

have been puting lemon juice on my skin every other day and it is glowing!

i see my scars diminition already but its probably my imagination, its too soon:)

i am taking a nutrition class in college so i am eating alot of vegitibles, beans, and tons of fruit.

i am drinking about 10 glasses of water a day.

i used to drink maybe 3 a day, idk why i am so thirsty lately.

guys try flaxseed milk OMG it is amazing!!! i got the original its so yummy! if u dont like it plain put it in cereal or smoothies you cant taste the difference in food products!!

it has 1200 MGs of omega 3s

ive also been eating avacado as much as possible. all those goods fats and oils should be good for my skin!

stay away from omega 6s which is bad fats like fries ect:p

this isnt impossible, dont get me wrong ill have a cookie here and there, but everytime i want cheese, i think to my self " does cheese taste as good as clear skin feels?"

let me know if you have any questions!!! lets hope this works for me and i could then spread the word..

ill add a picture later! promise before my acne clears up which i am very hopeful:)


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