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Day 39- More Purging & Sadness



My face is definitely dealing with more purging, on my cheeks & lower chin, which I had expected.

Red Marks

  • Today, i've had small pores purge from my upper right cheek, adding to the 2 or 3 pink/red marks already there.
  • 3 red/pink marks on the left side of my face -- one on my lower cheek that is slow to heal. One above and to the left of my lip, and one on the lower part of my chin.
  • 1 red/pink mark on the very top of my forehead on the right side from a pore that purged

    • 1 painful-to-the touch zit on my left temple, right next to my hairline (at least it's less noticeable there)
    • 1 closed clogged pore on my lower right chin

    It's REALLY hard for me to look on the bright side today, as I'm just emotionally exhausted from the phases of purging. But here's some positives...


    [*]The small marks on my lower right chin have healed and gone away

    [*]The marks on my right lower jawline below my ear have healed

    This is such a hard process... I'm really hoping my face will heal a lot overnight. I might work from home tomorrow since I can do that, and I'm just not sure I'm up to slapping on concealer everywhere. I want to let my skin heal, and tomorrow is a good day to do that.

    Also, I have been taking my birth control, Ortho Tri-Cyclen for 6 weeks straight now (yes- my derm and doctor both approved this), but tomorrow I'm supposed to let myself get my cycle...which I have a feeling may be a contributor to the purging going on right now. And the sadness/emotions.

    Anyone else in a blue mood about acne? :/


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