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Day 39 - Acne Marks Have Me Hiding



I had some purging happen on my cheeks, chin, and very top of my right forehead (by my hairline)...and the marks are pink/red, big, and embarrassing.

I do not want to slap on concealer to go out in public...so I'll be staying in today. I hate this. I hate how much acne & bad skin dictates my mood, my self-confidence, my social life.

I really do think that this was the last major purging for my cheeks because they hadn't purged in the middle yet. :/ Sigh.

I'm really bummed right now. I'm just slapping on moisturizer like nobody's business and hoping they heal by tomorrow. They really HAVE to heal a ton by tomorrow because I have a meeting at work that I want to feel good for.


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