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Third Week On Ziana



Not sure whether I've got an abundance of acne and subsurface bumps because of a purge, or because I was on my period.

My forehead isn't as prone to acne as other areas of my face, but I've got three pimples there right now. On the bright side, those clogged pores I've had for the past few weeks are receding.

Left and right sides of my face aren't looking all that different. Still got like 1-2 cysts and lots of little pimples, with lots of hyperpigmentation and scaring. And of course as usual I've got a bunch of stuff going on just below my jawline.

I'd say the biggest thing this week is all the pimples on my chin. I've got like 6, and they're in that state where I accidentally keep scratching them and making myself bleed :/

Should also mention that I'm starting my last week of school next week, and then it's finals, so yes I'm pretty stressed.

Gotta just push through now!


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