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Day 37 - Some Slight Purging Remaining



Day 37 (almost done with week 5--woo woo!)

There's a couple of small areas on my face that haven't purged yet during this regimen, and they are starting to. However, it's not the really bad purging that happened in other areas. The clogged pores are tiny and they're kinda drying up as they surface it seems.

This is happening on my right cheek in the upper middle, a couple of inches to the right of my nose. Right now, no one could tell that they're even coming to the surface, but me. I'm hoping they dry up and slough off, and don't become red.

  • Actives:
    • Just the few small pores on my right cheek that are surfacing/drying out/purging
    • Marks:
      • One small red mark on my chin from a final pore that purged today
      • One small healing pink mark on my left lower jawline from a pore that purged yesterday
      • One tiny, tiny red dot on my left cheek from a small pore that purged today
      • One tiny pink dot on my chin at the very bottom right side from a pore that purged today
      • May Purge Soon

        • There are a few very, very small pores coming to the surface on the area between my chin and bottom lip, but to the right side that may purge, but I'm going to try not to touch/poke at them and let them dry up over time! :)

        Great things & Hopes:

        [*]The other pink marks I had from small pores that purged on my forehead healed up completely and are gone

        [*]My complexion is looking great and I really hope that the pores on my upper-middle cheeks dry up & that in the next couple weeks--I could be done with noticeable purging.

        Is anyone else using Retin-A or a topical retinoid? How is it working for you? :)


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