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Trading In One Issue For Another



So I have been moisturizing before topicals and cutting back on topicals and dryness is tons better BUT....... I'm breaking out more. Getting those small red bumps with tiny white heads on my chin, left cheek and side of my mouth. Upper left cheek is also inflating. Not sure how to proceed. I'm going to continue to moisturizer first with very little and then use both Aczone and differin as prescribed as cutting back is having adverse effects.

I definitely want to try a stronger retinoid as I think differin has done as much as it's going to do for me but not at the expense of my eczema flaring out of control. Mentally I am not prepared to deal with that.

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are you breaking out more by using the moisturizer first? this is what I normally do and then I wait 30 mins before putting on the retina, but I'm not sure if the retina is less effective from doing this. I tend to use quite a bit of moisturizer.

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