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Acne Advice And Info

getting rid of acne


Ok so before I get started I just want all of you acne suffers to know that beauty is skin deep and you are beautiful regardless of your skin condition.

This is my first time writing a blog so here goes, I have suffered with acne since I was a teenager and am now in my late twenties and still have it although its not as bad as before. During my younger years i was given cream after cream and sometimes antibiotics by my doctor. I also tried an array of face washes, toners, creams etc. None of which really worked. My solution to this was using make up to cover up the pimples and marks. Wearing make up didnt make my acne worse but it didnt really help as my skin is so oily i had to constantly re apply and re apply which just made my face look caked up with make up and made me even more depressed as there was no hiding from this.

So as time went on I became more depressed and started trying out some remedies and treatments i'd seen online:

∗ I would rub aloe vera on my face at night from my mums aloe plant

∗ I would drink lots of water

∗ I used numerous face masks brought from the chemist and homemade ones with fruits, veg and spices

∗ I brought expensive face creams/oil

∗ I had some micro dermabrasion and face peels but couldnt keep up with it as it is to expensive

Some of the above did help but was no fix, I then got to the point where i couldnt take it anymore, my face was a constant grease ball and still is, as well as having acne on my face it was also on my back and chest which meant i was restricted in what i wore as i was and still am very insecure about it. I couldnt take it and went to my doctor, i cant remember my exact age but i do believe i was in my early twenties, i pleaded to be referred for some sort of laser treatment or any advanced acne treatment on the nhs as i had been given all the creams and tablets and nothing was working as well as being quite depressed, he then told me that he could prescribe me a birth control pill that helps with acne to which i agreed. I was prescribed Dianette, when i started this i was sceptical and wasnt really bothered as nothing had worked before, but then the results where in my face, i noticed my complextion brightened as having oily skin makes it look dull, my spots started disappearing and fading and also on my back and chest too. Once i was months into taking this pill i was acne free and blemish free and i also ditched the make up, and started dating as i felt more confident and had a long relationship during the time i was taking the pill. The only thing the pill didnt stop was the oilyness but that was no issue as my skin was clear and the oilyness made my face look blushed.

After taking this pill for nearly 3 years i was told that it was dangerous to take it longer than 3 years, but continued to do so for a while after then finally stopped. After stopping the acne did come back but not with vengeance nor was it as bad as it was but it was bad if that makes sense.

So now the acne was back i started my home remedies and treatments when i could afford and healthy when i could and as usual it didnt give long lasting results.

I then started researching online and saw someones blog about acne stating that it should be treated internally first and then externally and mentioned taking some fish oil capsules. I found this interesting and did some more research and came across people talking about:

∗ taking Vitamins

∗ taking oils & oil pulling

∗ juicing fruits & veg

∗ adding spices like cinnamon & aniseed to hot water and drinking

∗ drinking lemon water

After coming across this information it made sense to me that i need to be treating my acne from the inside, so i gave all of the above apart from the oil pulling a try and noticed no difference not because it doesnt work, but because i didnt stick at it long enough. I have also noticed that most reviews about trying out some of these remedies are never long enough meaning most people seem to try something out and think the results will happen over night and then stop doing it. Or some will post that they've tried a remedy for two weeks and its going great and never give an update on results months down the line.

Which is why I have chosen two of the above remedies which is drinking lemon and taking high strength peppermint capsules, i have been drinking raw lemon juice with hot water in the morning and evening for a few weeks, over last few days I have switched it to drinking the juice straight (with out any water) as i want the full potential and will continue that way for 6 months so i can see if this remedy actually works I will also post my results. With the peppermint capsules i have started this recently and take one after my raw lemon juice in the morning and evening.

I have chosen these remedies as they are simple and from past experiences i have tried to do to much at once and not kept up with it long enough to notice any results as i was doing to much.

I do believe that for some acne sufferers treating the problem internally and externally can help to minimise or possibly get rid of their acne. It may take some trial and errors but is worth a shot.

Lack of knowledge is rife with some of us ance suffers including me.

I would also like to point out that i have recently been diagnosed with mild pcos, and this is the cause of my acne. And i feel that some female acne sufferers may have this condition with acne and not find out until later on in life as most docters dont routinely test women for this and often overlook pcos.

from my conclusions about acne i feel that people with acne are generally put in one box meaning most doctors will hand out creams and pills to both men and women acne suffers instead of evaluating individual patients,

for example being a female and having acne, maybe not straight away but at some point down the line the doctor could of said this patient has had acne long enough lets maybe test for pcos or any hormone problems. and although men/boys dnt suffer with pcos at some point a doctor should check for any underlining hormonal or health problems that could be causing acne or making it worse. another example is some people have acne with dry skin, some have it with oily skin etc

My advice to acne sufferers who are serious about getting rid or controlling their acne is to treat it internally by trying one or two things at a time and sticking it out for at least 6 months or longer to evaluate wether the product works for you, document if you broke out while taking it, as some times breaking out could be your skin purging before it gets better as well as being aware of the pros and the cons. Research and read reviews as this could help you find whats suitable for you or someone whos experiencing the same thing as you.

Some things you can try internally are:

∗ Drinking fresh lemon juice in warm water or just drinking the juice raw in the morning and evening. ( do drink through a straw)

∗ Researching and taking vitamins that help with acne

∗ Drinking spoonfuls of un pasteurised apple cider vinegar in the morning and evening

∗ High strength peppermint capsules

∗ Researching and adding spices to hot water and drinking in the morning and evening

∗ Drinking teas that are aimed at cleaning the blood

∗ Researching and taking fish oils

I have also stumbled across fruit fasting, which is where you fast for a duration of your choice and only drink water and eat certain fruits or fresh juiced fruits, which is something that is of interest to me, as it gives your body a chance to cleanse, which could be good for acne, but i like my food so if i did try it i dont think i could fast for more than two days.

I have list a lot of information on here so anyone whos interested can be informed and do their own research and may find something that works for them or at least controls their acne.

I will be back in 6-7months with my progress on drinking lemon juice and taking high strength peppermint capsules , on wether it worked or not.

I do hope this post was useful, i am no doctor, if you decide to try anything listed do seek medical advice first.

Bye guys


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