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Healing, But Slightly Impatient



It's Day 32 & I'm glad that my cheeks & jawline on both my right and left side are done purging (I think). Now, there's just a few marks healing up on my right side, and a couple on my left lower cheek that are healing as well.

My chin has a couple of stubborn red marks, but again, I'm hoping they heal with moisturizer soon!

There were a couple of small pores that purged above my eyebrows. They also left marks, but again, crossing my fingers that they heal very soon.

As you can tell--it's a whole lot of hoping and healing, but that's alright by me! SO much better than the awful purging of last week. Keep your fingers crossed that things keep on improving. It only looks like I have a couple of small clogged pores left on my cheeks and chin. :)

Tomorrow will be the end of 5 weeks on this regimen, and the start of week 6. I heard that things really start improving weeks 8-12, so only a couple weeks away from that!


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