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Light At The End Of This Dark Tunnel



Finally! The breakout on my right side has subsided and I'm back to my usual clogged pores. Never thought I'd be excited to say that! My left side is the same with some cheek acne that is red but not inflamed with pus. It doesn't bother me much. I am getting more clogs on my left cheek which is where it always starts so this is nothing but the cycle repeating itself. Overall, skin is decent and much better than last week.

One thing I would like to note is that my skin is so dry! I actually had to moisturizer before any topicals last night. Also, I was itching a bit in my acne spots so hoping that this is not the eczema returning or signs of more acne to come.

In any event, never thought I'd be grateful for my regular acne stuff.


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Hey! I'm glad to hear that the breakout is subsiding! :) Have you gone through your cheeks purging before, or is this the first time? I hope that it's all up from here for you :)

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Thanks Hope! This cheek purging started in January and it has been on and off. It is definitely so on as those clogs are quickly inflating.... Again. I also have 3-8 red bumps on my temple which seemed to have sprung up tonight with no rhyme or reason so I don't know what's going on. I'm so dang confused. It never ends for me. I can't go a day without some type of activity and it is very frustrating to say the least. At this point, I think I'm going to keep thinking positively, count my blessings and on my next derm visit, request retin a..... Again. If retinoids fail me then spiro is honestly my last prescription option. After the accutane fiasco, I don't want to go down that route but I'm running out of new things to try. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

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