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My Acne Story



Hi my name is gaby! I have been suffering from acne for 3 and 1/2 years. I am now 14. It started when I was 11 years old and is much much worse today. It was so embarrassing to get acne in 4 grade. Most people in my class didn't mind at all. I was actually popular.

Then in 6th grade I switched schools. I went from a very small private school to a huge middle school. Leaving all my old friends that I had known since preschool. I'm not gonna lie it was hard. I knew basically nobody. After a week or two I made friends!!

Then in 7th grade I started to get huge painful cysts. I started to pick and boy did I pick. I picked every time I got home from school, in the mourning in the middle of the night. It left tons of scars both physically and mentally. I was ashamed so I turned to foundation. I slapped that stuff on my face for the rest of 7th grade. The weird thing throughout 6-7 and some of eighth grade I never once was bulled. My friends never brought up my acne. They acted like it wasn't even there. Which I'm so thankful for.

My acne now is worse than its ever been. I have I ice pick scars and top of it I've been breaking out like crazy. I'm so sick of so today I'm going to change my ways.

Rules no picking. I will not pick for 30 days.


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