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Purging Sucks (Day 30).



Day 30 and my cheeks and chin have decided to purge :/

I know people say it takes 8-12 weeks for the purging to stop happening in phases, so let's hope this purging phase won't be that intense and that the purging will end completely in a few more weeks.

Purging SUCKS and Is Inevitable

I've realized that it's kind of inevitable for these pores to push out. A few weeks back I had mistakenly and stupidly tried to use an exfoliating scrub on my chin to get rid of a few clogged pores. However, it didn't unclog them or get rid of them. All it did was damage the skin, dry it out, and make it very uncomfortable. The skin healed after a few days and has been fine. However, the same exact clogged pores are now pushing out. A couple purged and are gone, but there a few on my chin (right lower side) that are now purging. Grr. I hope they push out and are gone by tomorrow!

Red Marks Healing, Pores Purging

Right now the red marks on my right cheek and chin are healing, but there are a few pores on my right cheek and chin that are a bit inflamed and going to purge. I'm doing my BEST to not mess with anything unless it has an exposed white head and is ready to be extracted. Also, tomorrow I'm going to buy an actual extractor from the store, that way I can extract the pore without damaging my skin.

There's a STUPID, inflamed clogged pore on the right side of my face to the right of my chin a couple of inches. It's under the skin right now and frustrating! UGH. I can't do anything to it or it would get way worse, so I put a warm washcloth on it for a bit and then moisturized... hoping the Atralin tonight helps purge it :(

I'm just a bit frustrated...but hoping this is the last phase of purging (cheeks & chin) since my forehead, nose, and jawline already purged.

Any encouragement would be GREATLY appreciated!


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