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Week 16 (Day # 121)



it is officially 16 weeks and 1 day of consistent use and I am currently going through one of the worst breakouts since starting. There are so many inflamed red bumps that I don't even know where to stop counting. My right side lower chin/cheek/jaw is taking the brunt of it too. Other than that , I have smaller inflamed bumps in my hairline and on my left cheek and mouth. My forehead is the only clear area. I am utterly devastated at this point. I won't see my derm till the end of June and my naturopath till next month.

I will plough through till month 6 until my skin tells me to stop but I have no expectations. As of today, I am back to my supplements routines, eating habits are getting on point and I'm drinking water like it's going out of style. Maybe it will make a difference, maybe it won't but all I can do is keep on keeping on.


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I'm really sorry you're dealing with a bad breakout :( . Is it your skin still purging the acne that was underneath?? I know it seems bad but I'm sure others cant even tell.

Keep your head up--it'll get better!

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I honestly don't know whats up. I've been traveling a lot recently and eating out more. Plus i am certain that I have consumed some gluten along the way but my acne is just horrendous. I have many small pimples getting ready to get inflamed on top of the inflamed acne i have. 6 months seem like a long way off but i'm praying for a miracle as i do not want to have to take any oral meds like BC, spiro or accutane. Trying to stay positive but its so hard hope:-(

How are you doing hun? Still seeing dramatic improvement?

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