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My Acne Story. Advice Needed



I'm 16 almost 17 im a girl... Okay so here goes my rant! I've had clear skin almost all of my life until about January my skin starts going CRAZY! I had been using differin and it had worked wonders on my skin but it had just stopped working... So about 3 weeks ago I went to the dermatologist Bc I've been so self conscious about my skin. I can't tell you how many time I've cried about it. Sometimes my mom is " wow Kayla your skin looks like crap" well obviously. I'm the one who looks at it every day.. But anyways in January I went to my pediatrician she prescribed epiduo that messed up my skin sooo bad... Then about 3 weeks ago I went to the actual dermatologist and got prescribed Tazorac .05 cream at night and aczone in the morning she also gave me an oral pill which is solodyn.. She also gave me the Aha/bha wash to use with my clarisonic! Im going on my fourth week of this new regimen... I'm such an impatient person I just want my skin to be clear again:( has anyone had any luck with any of these medications? I've noticed my dark spots have lightened up and the texture of my skin is great so far. Has anyone had any luck?


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well i am a male 18 years old and has been suffering from acne when i was 16 (actually acne was my 16th birthday present that god gave me ) i mostly have 2-3 acne in week mostly on my nose or on my cheeks os maybe 1-2 on scalp or forehead but fkin oily skin and pores lol lots of pores i am also impatient but while treating my acne i have understood one thing acne medications needs time to work, so i have tried differin it did not helped me a much and made my spots look more darker(i have indian skin tone ) and yes my forehead spots sucks (thats why i keep a hairstyle which has bangs on head )

tazorac is good if differin worked for you cause it is strong version of differin , i never used aczone and yes solodyn(minocyline) is very good for acne treatment.i had few side effect with minolike purple pigmentation near my eyes (thank god that i wear glasses and no one can see that spot) so i usually prefer doxy. and i bet with the regime you have you will soon get acne clear skin . btw for how many months the doctor prescribed you solodyn?

Best of luck


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Hello! Thanks for the comment and my dermatologist prescribed Solodyn 55mg for 3 months! I've been on this regimen for about 5 weeks now I hope to have clear skin again soon!

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