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Acne.org Regimen



Hey everybody,

2 weeks into the regimen I decided to share my acne.org regimen journey with everyone.

Week 01

I had 3 active pimples and a lot of hyper pigmentation on my left and right side of my cheek. Forehead clear and chin was clear.

By the end of the week skin felt really dry and a bit of flaking

Week 02 - 18th April 2015

Broke out with 5 new pimples and they're somewhat half way between cystic and just large pimples. Oh and I've also got 3 minor pimples on my forehead. Hyper pigmentation seems to be the same without any noticeable improvements. I'm really praying this is a purging phase and will remain persistent with the regimen!

I've added two photos, a left and right side of my face. I will keep posting weekly photos.

Week 03 - 25th April 2015

Significant improvement in terms of no new pimples! Also the swelling has gone down dramatically for those large/cystic pimples. I might add that popped them by using a needle. A lot of pus came out. In hindsight I think the past week might have been the purging phase.

Also I need to mention that I'm not strictly following the regimen routine any more. My skin was flaking really badly and also I started seeing wrinkles and creases appear in my skin that wasn't so prominent pre acne.org routine. So I've ditched the cleanser and just rinsing my face under the shower head. Every 3rd night I would apply the BP lotion to my entire face but for every other night I would just apply it to the acne affected areas such as my cheeks. I have also stopped using the acne.org moisturiser and switched to Cetaphil moisturising cream for Dry, sensitive Skin.

Uploaded week 03 photos for your viewing pleasure! Some reason I couldn't get the same contrast and lighting the same way as the other week even with the same settings. It must have something to do with the window light as it's a more sunnier day.

Week 04 - 02nd May 2015

Okay so looks like my skin is not flaking any more after adjusting the regimen dosage to what it can handle. Quite possibly will amp it up again to Dan's recommended regimen but for now this will do. Left cheeks looks like it has improved slightly and hyper-pigmentation is fading. No new pimples so that's encouraging. As for the right cheek I got a few new pimples here and there. Overall the skin does feel a little smoother and not as bumpy. But visually it still looks like a nuke detonated on it. But persistence is key. I'll keep at it for another month or two and will keep posting updates!

Week 05 - 10th May 2015

For the past week I have introduced something new in replacement of the default cleanser that comes with the regimen. After a bit of research I have added sea salt. Personally I feel it's helping with the dark marks and see very minor improvements in terms of texture but it's still too early to tell. What I like about it is after application and drying, it leaves a residue of salt which helps peel off a very thin layer of skin. After washing it off my face looks brighter. I have had a few new pimples pop up here and there but overly not too concerned as they seem to be turning over pretty quickly.

So my new refined regimen is this and will be permanent for the remainder of this journey!

1. sea salt cleanse

2. dan's BP

3. cetaphil moisturiser

week 05 pics also attached

Week 06 - 17th May 2015

Got another two new pimples on the left side of my cheek which was the clearest. I have to say this journey sure does take a toll :(

getting pretty deflated. This on going acne battle is very taxing on the mind. How does everyone get through this day in day out?

Pics updated in the gallery.


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