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Hey everyone!

I really, really, really wish I had tried this regimen before resorting to Accutane last year, which didn't even cure my acne because it didn't target my face enough and didn't solve my problem of hormonal acne.

Today was Day 24 of my regimen! My skin is doing SO well. Honestly, it's pretty crazy how much can change in just 3+ weeks!

  • Actives-
    • NONE! (knock on wood!) (I had one clogged pore on my left temple last night, but it purged and went away)
    • Clogged pores-
      • a couple? but they are really small and not a big deal
      • Red/pink marks-
        • a few very, very tiny ones. I had some teeny-tiny clogged pores that were ready to purge and kinda helped them along. I know I maybe shouldn't have, but they were open and close to the surface and I got rid of them in a sterile way. The marks are just pink from my the clogged pore pushing out the gunk from my skin. I am pretty sure they'll be almost non-existent tomorrow :)
        • Dryness/ Peeling-
          • Just a little bit of peeling on the left side of my chin. I was out in the sun today for a bit too long, so I'm positive it's from that. I'm going to try to use less benzoyl peroxide face wash tomorrow morning on that area.

        YAY! I'm so glad my skin is purging out literally the last few problematic clogged pores that I could see on my chin and left cheek. Hoping that from here on out it will get even more clear! I'm going to stick to my regimen and be really good about still following it. I've noticed sometimes when people see improvement, they get lazy and stop doing things correctly. I don't want to make that mistake.

        Using Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash & A Topical Retinoid:

        [*]If you're using BP & a topical retinoid, I INSIST you use the topical retinoid at NIGHT (NOT DURING THE DAY) bc most are sun-sensitive.

        [*]I HIGHLY SUGGEST using Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning and the topical retinoid at night (1 hour after washing your face & moisturizing). The BP and Atralin can sometimes cancel each other out/not work correctly if they're used within 6 hours of each other apparently.

        My Routine:

        [*]I wash my face in the AM with the Benzoyl Peroxide wash (Panoxl 4%) & moisturizing with CeraVe moisturizing lotion.

        [*]At night, I wash my face with the CeraVe moisturizing cleanser and moisturize with CeraVe moisturizing lotion. I then wait one hour to let my skin moisturize and rest. Then, I use a pea size amount of the Atralin (0.05%) and apply a thin layer around my entire face.


        [*]Use a separate face wash cloth for when you wash your face with BP & when you wash with regular face wash. It will prevent cross-contamination of the BP & Atralin (topical retinoid) residue from the previous night. Sometimes, in the morning, I rinse my face off or use a bit of CeraVe facewash to get rid of any remaining topical retinoid residue, and then do the BP wash! :)

        [*]Change your pillow case every 3 days or switch sides of the pillow case

        [*]Switch out your face wash cloths every 3-4 days

        [*]DON'T MESS WITH YOUR SKIN! The topical retinoid will purge clogged pores and dry up spots. The BP will kill bacteria on the skin surface and some beneath.

        Hope this info helps :)

        Let me know if you're on a similar regimen or are struggling with hormonal acne like I was!!!


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