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Yesterday was officially Day 21 (3 weeks) of being on my regimen:

  • Spironolactone (75 mg)
  • Atralin, aka topical retinoid (0.05%)
  • PanOxyl (4%) aka Benzoyl Peroxide face wash &
  • Ortho Tri Cyclen birth control

    I have to say, I'm excited.

    Progress in 3 weeks:
    • Compared to 3 weeks ago, my face is SO, SO, SO much improved. My complexion is SO much more even. My face purged a bunch of the built up oil/acne & acne seeds out. My forehead has pretty much no marks or clogged pores whatsoever, and neither does my nose or my upper cheeks and temples. My lower chin and lower cheeks are getting rid of some clogged pores right now, but I've been really good about NOT MESSING WITH THEM, so there's no red marks or inflamed skin.

      Actives: one? and a few clogged pores pushing out/drying up

      • There is one active?/ light pink mark on my lower right chin. It's fairly small and it basically looks like there was a clogged pore that pushed itself out or dried up on its own using my regimen and now my skin is just healing.

      Healing marks:

      [*]There is a light pink mark on my left cheek from where that stubborn zit was and dried up. It's just a bit pink, but it's healing really well! There's a couple other very, very, very tiny red marks from little tiny clogged pores that pushed out and are healing on my lower right jawline (not even noticeable really).

      I've had a bit of skin shedding, but very minimal and manageable with my CeraVe moisturizing lotion (just the regular one, not the super-thick tub one).

      Yesterday and today I was able to wear only a few dots on concealer and that's it for makeup! :)

      IF YOU ARE USING THIS REGIMEN--STICK WITH IT. Week 1 is okay but a bit uncomfortable. Week 2 SUCKS with purging and initial breakout. Week 3 things heal and get SO MUCH BETTER, at least in my experience. Keep your head up!

      Tomorrow I have to get my picture taken for my company's website, and I'm SO glad this regimen has cleared my skin so much. I'm going to wear makeup tomorrow for the picture, but as soon as work is over, I'm going to come right home and wash my face really well before going to the gym. I really don't want to get in the habit of wearing any makeup besides a bit of concealer where I need it!


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