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Am I ever anything but? I have the biggest cystic blind pimple under my chin. If I as much as turn my head, it hurts. The last one that was definitely smaller than this lasted 21 days before finally fully deflating. I don't want to have to deal with this for a month.

I am also getting some deep stuff on my temples on both sides. Hair? Grease? Who knows. It's red, obvious and gross.

Also, a lot of the non inflamed stuff by my mouth/chin is taking root and getting inflamed. It's not terrible but each day it gets worse. My cheeks are ok with the deeper stuff having receded leaving surface level acne. My frustration level is up there. Min a few days, I will reach the 120 day mark. What's the point of even trying if this will continue to happen. My have spent thousands of dollars on meds, supplements and my naturopath.....I just hate this


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Are you on Spironolactone for hormonal acne too? I'm on it and it's been helping a ton!!

Also, I know you're frustrated, but if you need to vent, I'm definitely here to listen! Under the skin acne is a PAIN and is so frustrating and annoying! Would getting it injected help (I've never had it done, but I've heard it can, even though it may be a bit expensive).

It will get better. Keep your head up! LMK what happens!

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Thanks hope! I just may take you up on that offer. I haven't tried spiro and because of my reaction to accutane (my liver enzymes spiked and my blood sugar shot up), it will be a last resort. I can't afford to pay for cortisone shots, especially since my naturopath costs an arm and two legs. My skin this past week has been horrendous and I know my pre period week will likely be a continuation of this hell. I just gave to keep on keeping on I suppose. Thanks for the support and I'll keep you posted.

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