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Week 16 (Day 113)



Well it's almost been 4 months on my regimen and while my skin is not clear, my acne for the most part is much better than it was before I started. There is clearly an underlying issue that I may or may not figure out but in the meantime, I just have to keep on keeping on. A lot of the current inflammation has been on my upper cheek bone right under my eyes. They've been deep, red and no head but they eventually shrink. I am also getting the usual small non inflamed stuff on my chin and sides of mouth with a few getting inflamed. One thing I have discovered is that I can't get overzealous with the amount of cream I am using as I had to skip Differin 2 days as my eczema flared big time. In that particular area, I am moisturizing first before putting on any cream.

On another note, I started my paleo detox today where I will be having two shake packets a day plus provided supplements and 1 meal, usually lunch. The shakes are delicious but I am finding that I have to remind myself that I am not hungry and it's just my mind saying that I need to be chewing constantly. I have no expectations of this detox but we'll see. The current state of my skin is as follows:

3 inflamed small bumps on the sides of my forehead by my temple. Pockets of inflation on my left side of mouth and underground headless bumps under both eyes. My chin has been surprisingly well with bumps that come and go quickly though I can feel that there is activity under there. I am ok with my skin but definitely disappointed that this is as far as my acne treatment will take me. If at the six month mark I am still stagnating, I will ask to be bumped up.


Do you have pictures of your progress? I don't, but I'm just wondering. My skin has changed SO much in just 3 weeks, but especially from week 2 to week 3. Just wondering how yours is!

Also, have you had a lot of acne "seeds" coming out? Right now, that's pretty much all I've had problems with, is my skin pushing out the root of the acne that has been stuck underneath. I'm kind of glad it's happening though, that way the zit won't reoccur in the future and the pore can close up and heal correctly.

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I found that documenting my progress in photos seriously bummed me out and led to an unhealthy fixation on my skin so I stopped. I compare my skin to how it was before I started this journey so it serves as a reminder that things can get much worse. By seeds do you mean non inflamed stuff? I definitely have a graininess that comes and many times either inflates or goes back down. They are however reoccurring for me so they never go away. I have developed hyper pigmentation from constantly breaking out in the same spots. So happy that you are experiencing success so early on! I wish your good luck would rub off on me.

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