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What To Do If You Have A Stubborn Underground Zit/possible Cyst



Stubborn Zit on Left Cheek FINALLY drying up/ going away

If you've been following my blog, you know I've had a stubborn zit for about a week or so. It started out as a painful mark, then turned into an underground zit (without a whitehead), then got smaller and looked as though eventually it would turn into a whitehead but never did, dried up a bit more and got smaller, and then came more to the surface as a raised red mark thing. I decided a handful of days ago to just keep using my regimen because I realized it probably would never come to a head.



  • Step 1 - CALL YOUR DERM.
    • Why? They're the DOCTOR--they know best! Describe the zit/problem and ask for your doctor's advice.
    • Step 2 - DO NOT SQUEEZE THE ZIT.
      • I KNOW it's SO TEMPTING, but this will most likely rupture the sac of nasty infection/dead skin cells/white blood cells held beneath the skin -- making the infection rupture beneath your skin and seep into your other pores. The infection will spread and you might be left with multiple zits or even a cyst.
      • There's a chance that it's not the type of zit that will turn into a whitehead. This is FRUSTRATING, I know. However, once you accept the fact that it won't help to squeeze or pick at, and that it won't become a whitehead, you can become more patient and at peace with it.
      • Step 3 - Ask your Derm if a cortisone injection is right for you.
        • This can sometimes help 'speed along the healing process.' If mine had stuck around for even a few more days, I would have done this. There is only so long that we can deal with a painful zit on our face without giving in to messing with it (because we so desperately want it to go away). I've never gotten a cortisone injection, but I know they are supposed to be used infrequently for painful, under-the-skin, problematic zits that take a long time to go away. ASK YOUR DERM if you are dealing with this.

        [*]Step 4 - DO NOT SPOT TREAT IF YOU'RE ALREADY USING A Benzoyl Peroxide face wash & Atralin or a topical retinoid.

        [*]This regimen is ALREADY DESIGNED to fix the problem! How? The Benzoyl Peroxide will kill the bacteria on the outside of the skin, and slowly and slightly kill the bacteria in your pores. The Atralin or topical retinoid will slowly but STEADILY work to dry up the infection and slough off/exfoliate the dead skin cells. The topical retinoid will also speed up cell regeneration underneath, making new healthy skin cells that will eventually replace the dead/ nasty ones you're currently dealing with.

        [*]ESPECIALLY DO NOT SPOT TREAT WITH BENZOYL PEROXIDE OR A TOPICAL RETINOID. This can burn your skin and make the problem SO MUCH WORSE. It may then take weeks for your skin to re-moisturize and heal. Trust me. Just apply your normal regimen to your face & this area, no more.

        [*]Step 5 - Take a deep breath (or like twenty).

        [*]I know it's hard. Trust me. But trust me when I say that it will get better. Have patience. Put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror that says "Have patience. It will dry up. It will get better."

        [*]Your regimen is doing it's job to purge out this gross build-up of infection/dead skin/oil. LET IT. Otherwise, it won't ever get pushed out correctly and you may deal with this zit many more times in the future. Do yourself the favor and deal with it this one time in the right way, and then not have to deal with it in the future.


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