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Never Using Salicylic Acid With Benzoyl Peroxide Ever Again.

Hey everyone!

So quite a bit has happened over the past few days.


A few days ago I made the horrible mistake of using Salicylic Acid toner while using my regimen that contains Benzoyl Peroxide. BAD idea. BAD, BAD, BAD idea. Even though I applied it to 2 zits on my chin using a Q-Tip, it literally burnt out my skin to the point where it felt like someone had numbed my chin! It was AWFUL! I was really worried (as I should have been) and applied a ton of moisturizer & antibiotic cream and then put a band-aid on top of it to seal in the moisture. I did this overnight & then continued to keep a ton of CeraVe moisturizer (in the tub) and antibiotic cream over the area for pretty much the past 2 1/2 days straight.

The Aftermath & Healing Process:

Yesterday, the zits/marks that had been there pretty much "fell off" with some of the dead, dry skin. Then today, a layer of somewhat yellowish-tan skin shed off on its own. I'm stressing pretty much on its own, because it was ready to shed, but I think me washing my face this morning & moisturizing helped it along. It shed off without any pain at all because there was already new, healed skin underneath. I put my regular CeraVe moisurizer on right away, massaged it in with my fingertips, and then applied a generous amount of CeraVe moisturizer in the tub and antibiotic cream over top. Phew.

See my Day 19 post for more info on how my skin is doing now!


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